I went from this...

To this... 

317 edit.jpg

You Can Too! 

317 pounds

43% body fat

198 pounds

18% body fat

Who is David Ezell? 

I'm a former fatty who cracked the weight loss code at 50 and never looked back For my first five decades I hated the gym, was a failure at sports  and loved eating, (especially at night).


I became a psychotherapist and discovered connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  I used the tools I discovered to change others and then to change myself.


I teach people to quit trying and become the best version of themselves. 

Want to find out more? 

I'm picking ten select clients interested in losing weight and keeping it off for life for my spring group. Is that you? We will have a live weekly meeting and also keep the momentum going between sessions with our Ezell Coaching confidential chat room and web resources to help you navigate the times that have challenged us all. 
Fill out this form and #QuitTrying--become fit inside and out with Ezell Coaching! 
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