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About Me

I used to be overweight

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Coach and Therapist based in one of the world's great cities, Manhattan.

I am also an extremely rare case; I lost an extreme amount of weight and I have kept it off. No radical diets or dangerous surgery and no poorly-mixed "shakes" five times a day. I lost over EIGHTY pounds by changing my thoughts--thoughts about food, thoughts about fitness, thoughts about hunger and thoughts about my thinking. I applied cognitive behavioral methods to myself and I teach my clients to help them overcome the issues that either have them on a yo-yo or keep them stuck and unhappy their whole lives.

I recently started my Keep Weight Off for Life Groups to help others have the success I have in 82 pounds lighterkeeping weight off for life. I also work with select clients in New York City, Southern Connecticut and around the world via the Internet.

After graduating from Columbia University in the City of New York with a master in psychology, I completed an additional two years of post-graduate clinical study at Long Island University in Roslyn, NY. I am an experienced life coach and a licensed clinician in Connecticut and Washington.

Please feel free to contact me!