I'm a former fat kid turned even fatter adult. I hated the gym, was a failure at sports and loved eating, especially at night.


After a variety of careers, I eventually became a psychotherapist and discovered I was a hypocrite  I was using the tools of therapy to help others change, but not myself. I finally (FINALLY!) applied them to me and never looked back. Now I love the gym, am doing all sort so things I had never done and am happier than I have ever been. As a result, I decided to teach others how to quit trying and become the best versions of themselves. 

I have been in a variety of magazines, blogs and TV shows over the past few years, not just talking about weight loss but all sorts of issues related to psychology and life coaching. 

I am the CEO at Darien Wellness, a mental health group in Connecticut. I document my fitness journey on my hit podcast The Weighting and on occasion do public speaking in New York and on the West Coast. 

Hi, I'm David Ezell

"I changed my life. I can change yours too!"